Dr. Tim Coulther

Dr. Tim Coulther

Research Scientist, Protein Evolution Inc.

Undergraduate Institution

Colgate University (2013)

B.A. Biochemistry

Research Interests

Enzyme catalysis, Protein Engineering, Protein Modeling

Personal Interests

Sports (basketball, football, soccer), cooking.

How did you get interested in science?

I was able to join some different clubs in middle school that exposed me to science/engineering. This included creating/programming LEGO robots for different competitions and tasks, and also creating solar cars to race. I also had great teachers, especially my high school calculus teacher.

What are your future career goals?

Currently, my future career plans are to hopefully stay in academia where I can both teach and conduct research in my group.

Conference Presentations

  • 2015 – RISE, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (Poster)
  • 2015 – Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference (NSCRC), Medford, MA (Poster and Elevator Speech)
  • 2015 – ACS Fall National Meeting, Boston, MA (Poster)